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The Mitzvah Technique Teachers' Training Course is designed to aid in the development and training of Mitzvah Technique teachers. The increase of capable teachers will enable the Mitzvah Technique to reach a broader audience with the promise of increased overall health to all involved.

There are no pre-requisites to enter the Teachers' Training program, other than an interest, belief in the process and a dedication through time and effort. Candidates work at their own pace and practice with other teachers. They have to successfully complete the evaluation workshop for each level of knowledge before moving on to the next kevel. Once all the levels are completed they will become a Certified Mitzvah Technique Teacher.

The Mitzvah Technique is a unique art and discipline that draws on our ability to re-connect with the body's needs. Through the body's natural alignment, our bodies move smoothly without joint abuse and releases tension through natural stress relief. At the core of our existence, this natural connection with health and well-being has the potential to affect mind, body, weight, and general outlook and longevity of life.

Once mastered The Mitzvah Technique is compatible with other fitness programs as well as daily activities such as walking, sitting lifting, bending and dancing. Many in the performing arts such as dancers, actors, singers, musicians and story tellers have found the quality of their performances enhances. At the same time, the incidents of injury and building of tension has been diminished. Even writers have claimed a broadened, more relaxed approach to their work.

The vision is to aid people with the onslaught of twenty-first century lifestyle with its ever-increasing technological advances. The Mitzvah Technique helps to balance one's physique and psyche by being attentive to the body's needs and reactions, facilitating stress-release through alignment and allowing the body to renew itself in this fast paced world.

The growing interest in this natural, core-approach to well-being along with its history of success, leaves a huge demand for qualified teachers. The vision of the Mitzvah Technique Training Program is to educate knowledgeable teachers world-wide.

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