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Most of us are born with bodies that function well, but during childhood, we learn unhealthy habits of posture.

We sit too long in school, hunch our shoulders, cross our legs, and poke our heads forward. We unbalance our bodies with books and bags on our hips and backs. Carelessly, we flop in front of televisions, and lounge on sofas that are too soft.

As we mature, these habits interfere with the proper development of our skeletal and neuro-muscular structure.

In adulthood, this postural misalignment can result in aches and pains, a slouched appearance, and decreased body functioning and co-ordination.

In some cases there can be chronic pain, and severe distortions of the spine that stress the neck, hips, and knees. Though we may find remedies for our symptoms, most of us are still operating from a structure that is less than optimal.

The Mitzvah Technique, developed here in Toronto by M. Cohen Nehemia, is quickly gaining worldwide recognition as a fundamental form of body re-education. It is a technique, which deals with postural and spinal difficulties on both a remedial and preventative basis. Benefits can be felt immediately and positive corrective changes are continual.

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